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Tri Dirty Booster

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TRI DIRTY BOOSTER - Limited Edition
In the mid 70's Hohner, the harmonica people, wanted to get into guitar effects so they had a Japanese company clone some pedals for them and one of these was the Tri Dirty Booster.

The Tri Dirty Booster is not a direct clone of any specific Big Muff and, even though it is called the "TRI" Dirty Booster, it seems to be a twist on a Ram's Head circuit with hints of Triangle in it. 

I would say it encompasses the gritty, wooly fuzz of a Triangle with the smooth lead tones of a Ram's Head and just the right fullness throughout the tone of the pedal.

The tone section has a good amount of mids and is very smooth and balanced from low to high. There is an extra capacitor to help balance it out.

Stomp Under Foot pedals contain NOS, obsolete and vintage parts.

Pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or standard 9V DC negative-tip adapter ONLY.