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Space Spiral Delay

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EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral

Captain’s log, #442: EarthQuaker’s Space Spiral delay touches on all Lagrange points for those looking to send their tone into orbit. This is accomplished through no other way than exacting circuit tuning, unique modulation controls and a low-fidelity temperament. Send help.

The voicing of the Space Spiral shaves the high-end from the signal creating an impossibly warm delay character that blurs the line between analog and digital. It is, in fact, a digital delay, but with a character that sounds like some combination of analog and digital, sounding like neither in the end. It’s a true innovator in today’s binary delay landscape.

Ranging up to 600 milliseconds, the delay time is long enough to get a feel for how your signal gets swallowed by the spiral, and the Repeats control lets you dial in just how many repeats you want the Spiral to recycle. Set full clockwise, you might just find yourself sucked into a delay-induced black hole.

The Shape control is where the Space Spiral earns its stripes, not content to offer two modulation LFO waveforms. By turning the knob, it morphs the waveshape between two extremes, giving you never-before-heard modulation patterns that propel your creativity into the great unknown.

At the helm of the modulation circuit are two wide-ranging tone sculptors: Rate and Depth. This can be used to dial in some subtle warble to the repeats, or turn them all the way up for some alien invader raygun modulation that takes no prisoners.

And just like all EarthQuaker’s Devices, the Space Spiral is manufactured by human lifeforms within the giant inflatable planetarium of Akron, Ohio.

EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Features:

  • Voiced for lo-fi delay tones
  • Unique modulation circuit lets you seamlessly blend between waveforms
  • Up to 600ms of delay time
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)