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Solana Overdrive

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Solana is a very transparent overdrive based on a Bluesbreaker design.
Offering a lot of headroom and gain along with a very versatile tone control and a high cut switch, this pedal allows you to find the perfect sound for your rig. It is suitable for both Strat and Les Paul type guitars and adds just the right touch to your sound.
Solana offers enough clean headroom to be used as a clean boost.


Adds or cuts high frequencies. Low frequencies are not affected
Controls the amount of gain from clean to almost distorted
Controls the overall volume
High Cut (Toggle Switch)
Acts as a brightness cut


Programmed Soft Switch layout
Remembers last pedal state (on/off)
High Quality non-latching relay design
Automatically switches to True Bypass if power fails
True Bypass wiring
Neutrik jacks for durability
High quality 24AWG solid wiring
No battery support
Standard 9V negative center DC input
Current consumption at 9V DC: 35mA