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Party Animal Distortion (limited edition pink)

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Based on the famous green Russian fuzz pedal used by countless alt-rockers, the Party Animal encapsulates not just the sound, but the creative spirit of the '90s. From thick shoegazey chords, to tight sustaining leads, to an all-out caterwauling audio onslaught, this animal covers a lot of sonic ground. The Mid-Boost switch adds extra versatility by allowing you to cut through a dense live mix. The momentary Party!!! footswitch allows you to channel your inner noise-rocker by adding more gain and insane self-oscillation. With a full low-end response, the Party Animal is equally at home in a guitar or bass rig.

 -True Bypass
 -Standard 9VDC power input
 -Volume, Distorion and Tone controls
 -Mid-Boost switch
 -Momentary Party!!! footswitch
 -Hand-built in the USA using quality components