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Muffuletta Fuzz

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The JHS Muffuletta is a tribute to arguably the most historic and replicated pedal ever created - the Big Muff. JHS' take, however, doesn't recreate just one particular incarnation, it goes as far as to replicate five classic Big Muff circuits, in addition to a new and original version - that's six pedals in one, and all without any digital signal processing or digital emulation. It has four controls: Volume, Tone, Sustain, and Mode. Volume is self-explanatory. Tone brightens and darkens the overall tone. Sustain acts more like a gain control and adds distortion the higher you go. And Mode lets you choose from the six different circuits. A super cool and super versatile overdrive pedal, the JHS Muffuletta is a killer all-in-one tool for players looking to save some space on their board - and some money.