Fulldrive 2 JHS Modded (discontinued)

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So..... You own a Fulldrive. You like the drive sound but find the boost setting to not actually be a boost... Its like a “more dirt” setting and, you wished that it actually had volume boost abilities and adjustable volume. Your other thing is that you can’t use it alone without the drive side on... If any of what I just said rings true, then this mod is for you!

We install our Mini Bomb Boost ($110 value!) into the boost side and completely separate the two channels of the FD2. This lets you use the boost alone or with the drive on! We set the boost after the drive in the signal chain so it can lift your volume for solo’s or slam your amp for a natural overdrive tone.

Finally a fix for an age old problem!

NOTE: This mod works on ALL VERSIONS of the Full Drive 2 and your Full Drive 2 will still be functional at 9v OR 18v.