E3/3C Endorsee Trumpet Mouthpiece

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E3 / 3C 1.081 in. 0.677 in. 0.430 in. 0.140 in. 3.450 in.
The endorsee series represents a collection of custom mouthpieces made for specific players over our history. Measurements such as cup diameter and throat are not arranged systematically; however the series is numbered progressively by cup depth. 
In the field of brass technology, Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. is recognized as a manufacturer of the world's highest quality brasswind mouthpieces and hand crafted high brasswind instruments. Beginning brass Instrument repair in 1965, today Joe Marcinkiewicz is regarded as a master designer of mouthpieces and upper brass instruments. His mouthpiece design studies began in 1973 under the tutelage of legendary master designer and craftsman Burt Herrick. Manufacturing of the Marcinkiewicz Brasswind Mouthpiece began In 1983. The company produces models for many of the top players in the world today.
The Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. is housed in their new state-of-the-art facility in Canby, Oregon. The operation is equipped with the latest computer aided design software and single point cutting technology, with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) lathes. The results are a wide range of brasswind mouthpieces that are unrivaled in quality, precision, efficiency and choice.
The company produces a full line of hand crafted high brasswind instruments. All fabrication, assembly and plating are done on site. The finished product, whether a mouthpiece or horn, reflects the perfect blend of "old world" craftsmanship and modern technology.