Historic Cain's Ballroom Guitars

And the winner is... Laura Bachman!! I want to sincerely thank every person who took a chance on winning the Cain's Ballroom guitar and donated to the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. There can only be one winner of the guitar.. however the real prize is that each of us took part in raising over $30,000 to help strengthen our community. I am truly amazed at the amount of goodwill there is in Tulsa. Having met a lot of the people who donated in person at Tulsa Band, I am filled with hope and gratitude from how many people just want to help out and bring some music to the kids of Tulsa.
Thank you to Hunter Rodgers and the entire Rodgers family from Cain's Ballroom who have been incredibly supportive of this project. Hopefully this guitar will help tell the story of Cain's for generations to come. If you haven't been to Cain's in a while, GO! They're doing an amazing job at continuing the legacy of that legendary venue. Finally, I want to thank the amazing Roger Cowan of Dog Tired Guitars who is the builder of this spectacular guitar! Roger was excited and inspired from the moment we started this project to the very end, and put so much hard work into doing it right and making a beautiful piece of art that I am proud to have supported. Progress truly is possible if we work together!
Thank you,
Trey Johnson
Tulsa Band & Guitars

Made from the original flooring from the legendary Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these guitars were hand-crafted by Roger Cowan of Dog Tired Guitars.

Built in 1924 by Tulsa entrepreneur Tate Brady, The Cain’s Ballroom has gone from a garage, a dime-a-dance joint and a dancing academy until it became what is known by artists and patrons alike as one of the top performance venues in the world today. As The Home of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys from 1935 to 1942, the ballroom was especially significant for popularizing a new sound of western music called western swing, a form of country and western that combined jazz, hillbilly, boogie, blues, big band swing, rhumba, mariachi and jitterbug music. Weekly dances, a midnight radio show and a daily noon-hour program were played by Bob Wills during what are remembered as his “glory years.”

These guitars are not only an amazing piece of Tulsa music history, but finely crafted instruments. The slats are joined tongue and groove as they were laid on the original floor. The star inlays with mother of pearl center pay homage to the neon centerpiece and disco ball above Cain's floor and the original mill name can be found on the backsides. The necks are also made from the Cain's floor and have bird's eye maple fretboards. The pickups were hand-wound by guitar luthier T.J. Spear of Scatterwound Sound, based in Tulsa, OK.